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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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march 8th. i'm erika von tiehl. hopefully you can soak up some time, maybe have lunch alfresco. meisha watching your morning commute. morning, good. >> happy tuesday. good morning, just string of 70s in march. >> love it. >> just loving. >> this and the roadways looking great. we have couple of accident out there, we will get to that in us judge a moment. justin, tell us how it is feeling outside. >> already feel the difference, unlike yesterday, not going to need the heavy coat this morning, just light jacket, and by the afternoon, you can break out the short sleeves if you want, maybe even the shorts with some sunshine, high temperature up around 70 degrees, the last time we hit the 70s, but check it out, already, everybody pretty much feeling the mild temperatures, 49 up in the mountains, 47 in philadelphia, 48 degrees at the airport, atlantic city we do have west philly wind there is morning, and that will continue into the afternoon, nice mild flow, so that's why our high temperatures will be running about good 20 degrees above average for a lot of
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locations. the coldest spot this morning, there you go, just to the north, quakertown, checking in at 39 degrees this mornings morning, still cloud cover around this afternoon, maybe even sprinkle northwestern suburbs the next couple of hours, very light, and to very brief. >> not as cold temperatures in the 40's with some clouds, mix of sun and clouds, much warmer, we will get through the 60s, then some spots reaching the 07 degrees mark, for today, so this is day one of stretch of 70s for philadelphia, even at the shore, breaking in to the six off's, six a for the high temperature, even up in the poconos getting close to that 60 degrees mark. records breaking temperatures rest of the week it stays warm. then cool down in the seven day, we'll break it down in a few more minutes. meisha, a check on the road conditions. >> let's do, that thanks so much, justin. good morning, happy tuesday to you, roadways are look being
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great. ninety-five south at cottman, looking dry, nice and quiet, just as we are cracking into the 5:00 hour, start to see the change, tends to get busy in the 5:00 so see the change, boulevard at fox street also looking real nice, and quiet, and the vine, moving in the westbound direction, looking good. looking good, starting slowly to build now, i would say the same could be said moving in the eastbound direction on the vine, so the vine maybe heating up ever so slicely but overall things looking good there. this is where we have one of the first scents of the morning, in camden, so 676 before collings avenue, make note that far for those every you just leaving your homes. now, another accident that we just turned base on, overturned vehicle, 295 southbound at route 130, for those of you again having to drive through the area. any time overturned vehicle, we are going to have law enforcement on the scene with the flashing lights, that can slow you down little bit. just make note of that. construction kop, king of prussia road closed between raider road and madison ford road, alternate north radnor
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chester road is your alternate for now. back to you. >> thank you, new jersey state trooper investigating a accident on i-295 is hit by a car suffering serious head injuries. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joining us now at cooper university hospital in camden, with the latest on that trooper's condition, good morning. >> erika, good morning, no official word on that trooper's condition, just yet, but as you mention, he was brought here last night by helicopter, suffering from head injuries, among others, and ever since, we have seen state police troopers and others keep vigil outside the cooper er. let's take you now to some video from overnight, since late last night, uniform troopers and loved ones have been coming and going from cooper's emergency trauma center, the trooper from the west depford area, crash along i295 south, near exit 23. the crash led to closures along portions every south and northbound 295, for the initial investigation. and traffic was backed up for hours.
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those lanes have since reopened, overnight, and this all began, say new jersey state police, just after 8:00 p.m. monday, the troopers was outside his cruiser on the highway responding to car crash resulting in fire. then, a second vehicle drove into that crash area striking the trooper. the female driver behind the wheel remained on scene, and now there are report of a second injured person this morning, unclear if it is the driver from the first crash or the female driver in the now trooper-involved crash investigation. no word on any charges for the female driver or her condition, also, too, we are awaiting updates on the trooper, his identification, and his condition, as well, we hear that more update, erika, are due out later today. live here in camden, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> philadelphia police investigating serious crash, tow truck driver struck a woman and two young children,
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crossing the street near b and ontario in kensington, police say good samaritan took the girls ages one and four to nearby st. christopher's hospital. medics rushed their 24 year old mother to temple hospital in critical condition. >> she was suffering from head trauma. she was completely unconscious, medics were working on her. a four year old female suffering from head trauma and neck trauma, and a one year old female also suffering from head and neck trauma. >> investigators believe the tow truck driver had the right of way. re remained on the scene until police arrived. >> downed tree being blamed for commuter train derailment in central california. rail car partially submerge in the swollen creek after it jumped the tracks about 45 miles east of san francisco. crews had to fight the current to get people out. nine people hurt, four seriously, train officials tell kcbs radio the train caring 214 passengers.
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from silicon valley to stockton. a 05:67:89 hundreds of delegates are up for grabs, in four state today. republicans will be voting in those states, and also harks we owe, and idaho. don champion breaks it down for you. >> campaigning in mississippi monday night, donald trump kept ted cruz in his cross hairs. >> lying ted cruz really is a liar. really a liar. >> trump leads cruz by only 80 delegates. cruz claims he's the only candidate who can beat the billionaire. >> if you vote for anyone else, a vote for john kasich, a vote for marco rubio, is effectively a vote for donald drum up. >> but ohio governor john kasich said he's on home turf now and expects to do well. >> things i want to say are solution-oriented. you know, i want to tell people how we can fix this mess. >> marco rubio using automated get out the vote calls
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featuring 2012gop nominee mark romney. on the democrat egg side hillary clinton leads senator bernie sanders by more than 600 delegates. she campaigned in detroit monday night. >> the sooner i could become your nominee, the more i could begin to turn our attention to the republicans. >> sanders told crowd in ann arbor, clinton was wrong during sunday's debate, when she accused him of being against the auto industry bailout in 2008. >> voted to defends the auto industry ... what i did not vote for was a middle class bail-out for the crooks on wall street. >> michigan election officials are expecting record turn-out today. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> there will not and third party presidential bid by former new york mayor, michael bloomberg. the billionaire businessman says his candidacy might lead to the election of donald
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trump or ted cruz, a risk he says he doesn't want to take. through editorial on the bloomberg website he says, quote, i love our country too much to play a role in electing a candidate who would weaken our unity and darken our future and so i will not enter the race for president of the united states. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. we'll have the latest results for you from today's primaries, on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 and of course on our website people will have a chance to pay tribute to former first lady nancy reagan starting tomorrow. will lie in repose tomorrow and thursday at the ronald reagan presidential library and museum for a public visitation. dignitaries from across the country including first lady michelle obama, are expected to attend reagan's private funeral on friday. she died sunday from heart failure. reagan will be burried next to her husband, of 52 years. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is coming to the
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philadelphia area today to push to raise the state's minimum wage. will visit bryn mawr grocery store and the trolley car diner in east mount air toy make his case to raise the minimum wage to 10.15 an hour. right now it is 7.25 an hour. just yesterday the governor signed executive order boosting the minimum wage, for state workers and contractors who do work for the state. >> coming up: big win in court for aaron andrews, earns multi million pay-out for terrible invasion of privacy. we'll explain how she may not see most that far money. also, eagles are doing spring cleaning sending de mark over murray packing and he is not the only failure from the chip kelly era headed out of town. who else is leaving and what the birds are getting back. >> and a dad saves the day when a baseball bat goes flying at his son's head. why that boy didn't even see that bat coming. >> ♪
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>> and we're still waiting for the sun to come up in bethlehem this morning, but hopefully get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather today. justin says it will feel like it is late may, how about that? justin let us know just how long this warm spell will last, whether we could see some rain returning, good morning. >> ♪
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> $55 million, that's how much erin andrews will receive after a man filmed her nicked inside her hotel room and then posted it on line. explaining who the jury blamed for that invasion of privacy. >> erin andrews quietly nodded as she learned the verdicts, $55 million, in damages, split between michael david barrett, the man who created secret nude recordings of the sportscaster, and the only owner and operators of the hotel where it happened. defense lawyers argued solely responsible, but the jury attributed 49% of the blame to the hotel. in tearful testimony last week, described the long
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shadow of the 2008 incident. >> the worse is when girls, high school, college, they tweet me, they say i want to be erin andrews except for the marriott stalker thing. and i can't control that. and that's every day. >> after the verdict defense lawyers said this type of peeping wouldn't happen today. >> the hotel industry changed as is a result of this. >> in a statement on twitter andrews gave thanks for the support of other victims, their outreach has helped me be able to stand up, and hold accountable those whose job it is to protect everyone's safety, security and privacy. in new york, cbs news. it is not clear just how much money andrews will actually get, it is unlikely bar death afford to pay his $28 million share of the damages. also, lawyers for the hotel management company say they're already considering appealing their half of the verdict. the national weather service will investigate if it was in fact a tornado that
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damaged couple of homes in parker county texas. look at the video here. scattered debris along the highway, 180 near the town of cool. it is about 45 miles west of fort worth. storms also damaged some cars, and flooded roads, but there are at least no reports of any injuries. looking to be beautiful day later on, can't wait for the sunrise. >> yes, just locked into dry weather pattern, very warm day, one of 70 degrees temperature, pretty much every day this week, shot of reaching 07 and also setting new records. we take you outside right now, looking live at spring garden street, and again, things are pretty quiet. road conditions looking pretty good, there as well. still some clouds to deal with this morning, that's actually a sign of the warmer air. that is starting to move across the mid-atlantic, into the northeast, but major headlines here are our first 07 degrees day of the year, that would be today. talking record warmth potential certainly tomorrow, possible thursday, as we challenge more records, and then some shower chances do
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return in the seven day forecast, talk about that in just a second here, but this morning, noticeably warmer, close to 50 degrees for lot of spots, maybe colder suburbs, the coldest we can find, yesterday we had 20's at this time of morning. look at the warmth though to the west. des moines, st. louis, low and mid 60s, starting to spread eastward, warmer air already in cleveland, into western pennsylvania, really the front leading edge of the milder air in the atmosphere, seeing couple of sprinkles maybe lancaster count some could get chester county that's about it, other than that sunshine mixed when clouds this afternoon. each day every time i look at the forecast signs of even warmer air, now we bump this to up 20 to 25 degrees above average, through the rest of the week. that puts high temperatures in the low and mid 70s, so good chance at breaking records, certainly tomorrow, the records high for philadelphia, 73 degrees, that was net 20,000. forecast high of 75. forecasting 76 on thursday. that would challenge the records which is 76 setback in
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2006. i say we're protected by high pressure. there it is, just off shore. look at that. all of the storminess to the north and west. so no big threat every rain really until we get to the weekend. so enjoy t warmer today, 07 degrees, partly sunny skies, stays mild tonight a three for the low, more tomorrow, gets us to 57 degrees, seven sixers in, 70s still friday. we're cooling it down for the weekends, better chance for some showers late saturday night into sunday. meisha don't forget do you have turn the clock ahead one hour. >> you have to tell me that every single day. just string of 70s this week. how about that? waking to up that on a monday, and a tuesday. sound great to kick start the week. moving towards the hump day, on a tuesday, we can deal with this. ninety-five headlight moving in the southbound direction approaching academy. this is one of the areas i keep my eye on, particularly,
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it heats up fairly quickly and slowly starting to do so as we push into the 5:00 hour. overall still looking good here, looking good on interstate 95 all week long i would say. got little busy. we can expect that on a wednesday. ninety-five looking good. the schuylkill, looking at that little earlier, i don't know if you saw me pull up the graph bick 15 minutes ago, schuylkill looking good, as women. would dough have two accidents out there this morning, has been looking busy all morning, i'll tell you where they are, this is frozen, but one of the accidents is in camden. so if you're in camden, that's around 676 southbound before collings avenue, make note of that. >> i send it back over to you. >> inspiring the eagles to clean house, three of chip kelly's offer season acquisitions on their way out of town. cbs-3 has confirmed eagles have traded demarco murray to the tennessee titans. murray still has four years left on the $40 million contract he signed with the eagles last off season. and, that's not all. the birds are shipping byron
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maxwell and kiko alonso to the dolphins for some draft picks. eagles fans say they didn't like chip's moves anyway. it is not the casino of running back we needed. >> ii don't like a lot of the things they d i didn't. specially the last couple of people they traded but the last one, they are making too many mistakes for me. >> none every those trades will be official until tomorrow afternoon. one week into spring training, already there are two incidents involving bat flying into the stands. check one out here, dad coming to the rescue of the son. dad makes great play there, avoids what could have been serious injuries. the boy was playing with a phone at the time and never saw that bat coming. the dad says he just reacted in the moment. >> it happened so fast, i didn't have time to think about it, i just, once i realized it was in fact heading for us, and
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specifically my son, i just through my arm out and tried to block it the best that i could. >> well done, dad. now, another fan and another game was seriously injured when she was hit by a bat. phillies are adding extra safety net to go protect fans this upcoming season. >> 5:20, imagine raiding your friends, your co-workers, even a date. it is known as the yelp for people, and it is now available. the changes the controversial app is make to go avoid bullying. >> also: >> it is a puppy invasion at rowan. i'm cleve bryan. coming yup students are bringing these dogso campus for a good cause.
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with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. >> you might see new student walking around at rowan university. these adorable little puppies
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learning just like the student. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells you what those puppies training for, and where they'll go when they graduate. >> if you want to be the most popular person on college campus, brink ago pup toy class will certainly do the trick. and for few select students at rowan university, that's exactly what they're doing. >> they're on loan to rowan students volunteering in a puppy raising program for the non-profit organization k9 companions foreign dependence. jimmy and nicole, got the puppies in december, and will raise them for about a year and a half. >> we get up on treat schedule, so treat wakes up at 7:00 a.m. now i do too. and we get up, we go for walk around the campus. >> k9 companions train service dogs for people with disability. to keep the program cost-free, they lend their dogs out in the puppy stage to volunteers, who teach them basic commands, and most importantly, social skills. >> i bring them to the student
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sent area l whenever i'm not here i'll take him to classes and things like that. and in class, he's great, he knows if i tug the leash, pretty much go to sleep, because we're not moving for awhile. >> the toughest thing about this program isn't the long hours put in with the dogs, or house breaking them, it is the idea of some day letting these cute little fellows go. >> you absolutely fall in love with these dogs. and you don't look forward to the day you give them up. but when you get them, you know that they have a higher purpose in life. >> as long as like he'll go help somebody else out, that's what helps me be able to give him up. the program is looking for more student to get involved. if you see the pups on campus feel free to say hello. cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> oh, great idea. we have an update for a story now we first told but yesterday. two virginia firefighters suspended for taking a toddler to the hospital in a firetruck, they've since been reinstated. captain james kelly and sergeant verge ill bloom got in trouble while helping a child who was having a seizure
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over the weekend. with no ambulance in site, the firefighters broke protocol rushing the 18 month old girl to the hospital in a firetruck, kelly said he's just overwelmed by the public support. >> amazing, international status, like seriously, people have been hitting me up from international. just amazing the outpouring in the community came together to support us through all of this. >> it is against department policy to transport patients and firetrucks, because the vehicles don't have proper restraints or medical equipment. that little girl by the way is now out of the hospital, and back home with her parents. coming up in the next half hour, spring allergies, already, acting up. could make this spring specially bad for allergy sufferers. jan? >> commuter train chaos, 14 people are injured when their train derails and plunges into a swollen creek. i'm jan carabeo, coming up dramatic rescue effort, what possibly cause that crash.
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>> all right, jan, thanks. also, garbage truck flies off highway, the driver lives to tell the story. now we're seeing his view over the frightening fall from inside that truck. justin? >> and we are kicking off nice long stretch of 70 agree temperatures along with record warmth potential. i'll weak you through the forecast, how long this warm spell last when is we come back. >> justin, thank you. also, meisha watching your tuesday morning commute. she'll let you know about the early back-up areas already slowing down traffic this morning. we'll be right back.
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>> terrifying coming youth in california when train derails, sending one of the cars into a fast moving creek. rescue remembers just stunned everyone made it out alive. the role bad weather may have played in the derailment. first, if you are indeed declined, you can dig those showers out of the dress they are week it, will feel like may when we hit 07 for the first time this year, now threatening couple of records. these are the ones that we're very happy to break. the 70s, in march. and we know who will be one of the first it break out the shorts. >> erika (are you back today? i mean, we love worng


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